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Hey! Yes, you. . . Hi!  


I'm so glad you stopped by! I Just wanted to tell you a little about myself and my photography!


I believe photography should reflect, you! The honest to goodness, you! I love capturing tiny moments that tell a much bigger story!  I'm known for my collaborative nature and silly outbursts - whatever it takes to get the shot!


I'm the gushing mother of two young girls and embrace and appreciate the chaos that follows our little families.   


I attended the Washington School of Photography and have over 11 years experience in the Branding/Marketing Arena. I earned my stripes in the corporate world working with brands such as Cheerios, Disney, Weight Watchers, and Yoplait.  Now, I love helping fellow entrepreneurs find their voice.  


Wow! That was a lot of "I" statements - I'd much rather hear about you! Please Email, Text, or call!